Custom Web Designs

With Afro Custom Design, visitors when on your web page will feel exactly as your business intends them to feel. Thus, leaving in their memories a unique image of your brand-- the colour scheme, the feel and all of those uniquely crafted things, specially meant for your brand.

Web & Mobile Application Solutions

Kindly apprise us of the details about your business and we will surely come up with on-app or web features that will advance your operations and beef up effectiveness as you desire. We build it. We're good at it.

Programming Trainings & Mentorship

Someone has scared you that programming isn't a path for the faint-hearted, that it's a realm for the gurus? Yes, programming is much of a Gordian knot, hard and hard to undo. But, with Afro training strategies and programming mentorship, you will not only master the skill in no time but also enjoy the process. Programming is a lot of fun man!

Content Creation

Have no ideas what messages should be crafted unto your web pages? No worries, you've got you covered. We develop SEO friendly content which projects your business above tons of competitors in your niche.

Logo Design

An effective logo is one that stands out amongst equals. We'll craft you a logo that will bring your brand shining like maples in the autumn.